You Are Weak…

How we deal with each other


We have these convos every day about Christians we know who are really weak: “Oh did you hear the news about so-and-so?!” “Are you kidding me? How could so-and-so do this-and-that?” “I know! I think we better spread the news about so-and-so!” Well… okay not really. It’s not exactly that obvious. Or, is it? Of […]

Are You A “Great Christian?”

American Idol Vs Foxe's Martyrs

pic of Great Christian Faith Minister

I know, this is a hard one to answer. Most ministers would say “Why yes I am a Great Christian!” And then, upon request for the reason for their enthusiastic reply they might say “Because I’m a pastor!” or “I am a Christian author!” or “I have 30,000 Twitter followers” or “Because I have an […]


Do you really want it?

[sgmb id=”1″]Everyone is talking about “transformation” these days. Ah, but can you blame them? It’s like, a really awesome concept – something mundane (like a caterpillar) can transform into a beautiful butterfly! Yes indeed. And so now we all want to become more beautiful, more successful, more powerful, more famous, more popular, more socialized. But […]

How To Get Free and Go Forward

Hint: We do it together!

Hey everyone! I have some exciting news to share with you: As you may or may not know, I have been working on a project that I know is going to be life-changing. I have put a lot of time and work into this, and I’m happy to announce it is finally here! Drum-roll… INTRODUCING: The New […]


The Subtle Persecution No One Talks About...

“You’ve been STRIPPED!” Okay, we never really hear this aloud. We might have occasion sometime in our lives to hear “You’ve been Punk’d!” But you probably will never hear “You’ve been stripped!” Yet, the chances are much greater that you will experience this once, if not several times in your life. I’m thinking today about […]

Finding Your Life Direction and Purpose

What I'm Doing - Right Now

Hello to you this fine morning! Lately a lot of you have been asking me “So what is going on with you?” I appreciate that and I know many are wanting the updates and believe me I AM HAPPY YOU WANT TO KNOW! Please continue to pray for direction for Sylvie and I. But you […]

This Crazy Church World

Dr. ChurchLove: Or, How I stopped worrying and learned to love church structure

Good morning! I have a little rant to share with y’all. (originally posted in a Facebook Page) I hope this is for you. I hope it edifies you. If not, I hope it amuses you, he he: There are two great TENSIONS throughout church history, that I see. I think we all see, experience and […]

Rolling With The Changes

Our Faith Journey

Hello there! It’s sure been an amazing November here in Minnesota. I was watching a video excerpt of some tourists observing a huge glacier in Alaska as it broke apart and began slowly rolling around! Don’t have a clip of it. Sorry but it was a massive and amazing sight. I think my life is […]

The Cops

We see the cops in the media often lately. What are they usually doing? Beating someone up, choking them… Sometimes killing them. I’m sure that bothers you like it bothers me. We need a new mode of thinking and training for police. They cannot go beyond what the law allows. I mean, pulling a gun […]