Are you beautiful?

Are you beautiful? It’s good to be beautiful in America. It has been said that a beautiful person can achieve great success in our society, even without being talented. Looks is sometimes the deciding factor in hiring certain employees in many organizations. Every day, someone in charge of hiring is looking over various applications, and […]

What’s Your Story?

I love a good story. Especially do I love a good story well told. One of my favorite memories growing up was listening to my father and his brothers telling stories about their childhood. The crazy pranks they pulled on each other growing up on a Southern Minnesota farm rank in my mind as some […]

Like a child

“Grow up!” We hear it constantly when we are very young, but approaching adulthood. We need to act our age. We are supposed to become mature adults. We are supposed to become self-sufficient, able and responsible. That’s why it was so shocking when Jesus said to his disciples and the crowds who listened to his […]