Jeffs Speaking Bio

WATCH VIDEO CLIP from Rochester Assembly – November 2015

WATCH VIDEO CLIP from Rochester Assembly – December 2012

Youth Minister
Weekly Speaking
Trinity Church Interdenominational Youth Ministry (1990-1996)
Emmanuel Fellowship Youth Ministry (1999-2000)
Bethany Church Youth Ministry (2003-2004)
Youth Camps, Retreats, Meetings
YFC Omaha/Lincoln Camp Speaker (1998)
Omaha All-City Youth Ministry Rally Speaker (1999)
Wisconsin Methodist Camp Speaker (1995)
Rapid City Assembly Youth Retreat Speaker (1993)
Zion, IL Retreat Speaker (1989)

Associate Pastor
Churches – Omaha, NE:
Trinity Church, Emmanual Fellowship, Bethany Church, Lighthouse Foursquare
FCA Conference in Lincoln, NE
Omaha ONE VOICE Racial Reconciliation Rally – Plenary Speaker

Singles Pastor
Weekly Speaking at Friday Night Live Singles Ministry – Emmanuel Fellowship
Ministry Conferences
Small Groups Conference – Christ Community Church, Omaha NE

Speaking Topics

Overcoming Walls To Success
New Identity in Christ
Running the Race, Perseverance
The Upside-down Kingdom of God
Holiness vs Hypocrisy
Desert Training, God uses trials to train
Being a Witness – Love is the salt that attracts sinners
Sin of Judging, looking down on others
The Samson Syndrome (Power, Pride and Personal compromise)
Spiritual Transformation
Personal Breakthrough
Power of Forgiveness
Serving to Success – (The Leaders Journey)
Personal Spiritual Makeover

Current Speaking Audiences
Christian Men & Women
Men’s Groups

Non-Christian / General audience
Personal Transformation
My Pebbles In The Pond – II author story
Motivational Messages
Ordinary to Extraordinary
Inspiring Passion in Others
How I made a feature film
Being a Great Team Player
Finding the Right People for the Right Jobs

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