Christmas as Unusual

Christmas is here! When I think back to previous Christmas Days, several memories come to mind. Of course I enjoy being with family, opening gifts, and eating delicious family dinners. Those are the “usual” activities that happen each year. No, I think it’s those unexpected unusual experiences that are most memorable. I recall as a […]

Thanksgiving Training Day

Yep. I went to Training School to learn my Thanksgiving skills. I was schooled and sharpened; re-tooled, tried and tested by my own mother. She was a Thanksgiving Meal Master. She has been taught in the school of amazing Thanksgiving deliciousness by her mother – my grandmother, a Jedi Thanksgiving cook in her own right. […]

I Got Your Back

“I got your back.” I was listening to Jim Rome the other day on his syndicated radio sports talk show. He was interviewing an athlete and said, “Hey bro, I got your back.” You know what he meant by that, right? That’s how dudes tell each other they are loyal to them. I think it […]

So that…

“Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world? Aaaaahhhhhnnaaeeeeyyyyyaaank!” That’s a direct quote from the blockbuster comedy film “Dumb and Dumber” starring Jim Carrey as Lloyd Christmas. It was a very funny moment but I recommend the edited version. I must admit I laughed out of my chair during that movie. But I think […]

Pebble Time!

Hey there! As advertised, I am formally announcing the ARRIVAL of my NEW BOOK – “Pebbles in the Pond – Wave II”… I am actually one of 20 plus co-authors. Each of us has contributed a chapter that tells a personal story of transformation from trial to triumph. BUY BOOK & GET GREAT GIFTS HERE! […]

In or Out?

Are you IN or OUT? What I mean to ask is, are you in the “in” crowd or the “out” crowd? If you answered “in crowd”, then you might want to re-adjust your focus and priorities. If you answered “out crowd”, ironically you may also need to re-adjust your priorities. Have you noticed that cliques […]


It never ceases to amaze me – the unexpected interruptions in life. They come from anywhere and everywhere. Unexpected trouble can blow up like a thunderhead and totally overwhelm us. I dont know about you, but my first thought is to panic. Thankfully, more and more, my second thought is to trust God no matter […]

Now That’s Joy

James said to “count it all joy.” I get that. But it is easier said than done. I don’t know how it is for you, but for me, I find it much easier to rejoice in large disappointments rather than small annoyances. My car has already had one transmission fail this summer. As of last […]

Dependence Day

Happy July 4th! Temperatures are soaring into the high nineties and low one-hundreds, so be careful out there today. A friend went into a Target store looking for his favorite bbq sauce only to find the entire line of sauce was swiped clean! Oh well, there’s always ketchup. We Americans call this special day “Independence […]


As you may know, Taylor Swift sings a catchy little tune called “Mean”, and I must confess, I like that song. The thing is, all of us can relate to it. I would dare say all of us have been treated poorly by a group of “meanies” and on the flip side, I fear many […]