Do These Go Together?

The Recipient Backers

How are you doing on this damp July day?

Funny. July and damp. Do these go together?
Not usually. But it’s been like that in Minnesota the past few weeks.
And sometimes life is that way – things that normally don’t go together seem to come along.
We take the good with the bad.

Our crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo is like
that I think:

Ya know, we are obviously sad that we didn’t hit the
100K mark.

Well, we knew going in this was a very rare mark to hit.
IndieGoGo had all but warned us that going over 25K was
a feat that only a few had ever accomplished
outside of sequels to hit shows, and projects with big stars
attached. So be that as it may.

We are still proud and still so grateful.

I know. Normally disappointment and gratefulness do not
go together. But in our case, I think it applies.

We didn’t hit our mark of $100K as a entire budget, but our
PER BACKER percentage was


The average contribution to our campaign has been a
whopping $130!

Our hope was to hit the $50 mark per contributor. We
almost tripled that!

So – it’s a great sign.

THANK YOU THANK YOU to those who contributed!

You truly BACKED US and we will not let you down we will take
this amazing vote of confidence and by God’s power we
will find investors who can bring the budget to the finish line!

What a great start for us!

And as of today – 62 of you believe in us and stand with us in
what we are doing.

Blown away, we are!

So we will begin this next step in the journey and – just so you

Barry & Jeff

PS. Yes you still have time! If you want to go down in the history of
The Recipient annals as one having stood with us AT THE VERY
BEGINNING… then you better hurry and go to: