Finding Your Life Direction and Purpose

What I'm Doing - Right Now

Hello to you this fine morning!

Lately a lot of you have been asking me “So what is going on with you?” I appreciate that and I know many are wanting the updates and believe me I AM HAPPY YOU WANT TO KNOW!

Please continue to pray for direction for Sylvie and I. But you know, I think we are exactly where God wants us. Let me break this down for you:

First, I would say that since at least 2011, I started naturally being drawn to the Lord in a deeper way regarding concepts, ideas, exciting visions that I began to create basic background concepts for but never had the time to bring those into greater reality.

You guys know I wrote a book called THE NEW PHARISEE and that actually was published a second time this past summer. 

Now the thing is – there are foundational things in that book that are OF CENTRAL IMPORTANCE to me. And God, dare I say? Can I say that? I do believe that God inspired, directed me to write this book because it is in reality a call to return to our first love. That’s it in a nutshell.

That’s my passion – in a nutshell. That’s my calling and purpose, and really always has been. I feel that I would be disobeying the Lord if I did not speak forth His heart and revealed in His word.

And you guys know – I’m a writer. I starting writing my first week as a new Believer. I can’t help it. I switched to english major before I changed my life direction in college because I just couldn’t stop writing things. I told somebody recently “If you locked someone up in a cell for a year with nothing but basic necessities and pens and paper and books, they would feel punished. If you did that to me (when I was single, not now I would miss my wife the first hour!) I would feel blessed because my mind constantly writes and its an addiction. But it has kept me off of drugs and out of trouble my entire life!

Ha ha.

If you saw my laptop, I probably have 20 or more books in creation in some phase ha ha. But its a pipeline and I need to get this UNCLOGGED and OUT THERE!

So I’m telling you the obvious – that out passions and gifts coupled with The Holy Spirit anointing becomes our ministry and our calling.

The only thing that has changed for me is the venue. I was at an amazing church doing certain pastoral things… but I have other gifts and passions that I think God wants to utilize more and like I said, this idea began probably sometime in 2011. Now I believe I could fulfill these in a church pastor position, and that may be right around the bend.

But either way, it’s time for me to bring these things out to the public.

I don’t consider myself a success just because I sell a certain number of copies, by the way. I am a success if I get anything published AT ALL! In fact, even if none of my books are ever published in the future, just because some people might feel I have failed, well that’s there issue between them and the Lord.

Me? I will do more due diligence to publish and promote and maybe Ill be the next NYT author, and maybe not. But I don’t need to impress anyone or please anyone but my Father and that ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE is THE ONLY MENTAL PLACE I WISH TO BE AND STAY thank you very much.

See – I’m calling you up to more Christ-centered thinking RIGHT NOW!

The New Pharisee (2015, kindle and softcover) Yeah, this wasn’t just a nice little journal of personal trivia – but a clarion call to myself (and to others if they would so desire) to re-dig and clean out and maintain several life and spiritual growth WELLS.

I feel a PASSION, CALLING and DIRECTION to prioritize this – not only the book, but the concepts. I believe I could and must employ these things in my future ministry.

I may pastor a church in the future, I may have a para-church ministry, I may be a full-time author for a few months or more. But regardless, I will be doing THESE THINGS that I believe are on His heart.

Does that ring true to your spirit? As I write about keeping our eyes on Him, and seeking ONLY HIS approval even if that means disapproval from men, what will I still do?

Did not Paul say, “I am not trying to please men, but God. If I were still trying to please men, I cannot be a servant of Christ.”

That’s it. That is exactly what my wife and I are seeking to do. That may mean I need to be a tentmaker, that might mean we have more money than we know what to do with. It might mean both. I think you agree, I certainly did not make this decision because of money!

Second – regarding my current book deal. I have a Publicity manager I recently joined with. He has helped dozens of authors break through to bestseller categories and he wants to help me with this book and a future book as well. I’m excited for what God has in store.

What I am saying is this – you will see more of what God has led my wife and I to pursue on social media, this website, and other sites I have running.

I’m not trying to copy anyone else. I’m letting God create my life how He wants, how he directs, how He desires.

I covet your prayers.

If you don’t understand this, well, I’ll pray for you too. 🙂

Stay tuned RIGHT HERE because it’s getting crazier (and I mean that in a very good and exciting way as interesting doors and opportunities are presented me almost daily) and crazier and I promise to keep you in the loop.

IN FACT – would you pray about joining me and my wife in this? I don’t mean finances. I’m talking about prayer, and being part of a new community that is not limited to location or timezone.

Thank you again for your support and prayer.

Talk to you VERY SOON!


PS – Stop living your life like a spiritual popularity contest! God does not look at us the way men do. What is esteemed by men is often despised by the Lord. It’s time for you (and I) to begin working for, living for and seeking to please AN AUDIENCE OF ONE!

That’s my prayer for you and I in 2016.