Rolling With The Changes

Our Faith Journey

Hello there!

It’s sure been an amazing November here in Minnesota. I was watching a video excerpt of some tourists observing a huge glacier in Alaska as it broke apart and began slowly rolling around!

Don’t have a clip of it. Sorry but it was a massive and amazing sight.

I think my life is like that glacier sometimes… everything is the same until God turns up the heat. With heat, things begin to move, unlock, shift… and those changes can be subtle or they can be enormous.

As some of you know, my wife and I are on an interesting new journey. I was at a safe, comfy and nice position at a church for almost a decade (Hey just so you know, I like safe. I personally enjoy “comfy”) and to be honest and real I really didn’t want to make the change until he began to make it clear to both of us.

That is one of the advantages of being married to someone not only who is your friend and really hot stuff (he he) but with someone who is as spiritually aligned as I am. Then when you pray for things like this, there are two people to help discern and confirm.

Well we are now OUT THERE – we took a LEAP and we are excited to see where it leads – where HE leads.

I have a lot of INTERESTING ideas and passions as many of you know. I believe this journey is part of a number of those vines growing and hopefully manifesting some cool things. But it’s all about trust.

Trust Him.

You can’t figure it out on your own, and if you try good luck!

But when you follow God’s leading, the cool thing is, He will begin to supernaturally lead you and organize even the “smallest” happenstance events in our lives.

So we will keep you updated on some Developments with my book THE NEW PHARISEE. Go here for more info!