Called to Oversee

It's not a vote

Hey how about a little hobby horse moment!

Just a moment and then I’m done, promise!

Deep Sigh. ha Okay – It bothers me when I spent a lifetime of being a pastor in 7 different churches, having been licensed to pastor, and having the experience of officiating at funerals and weddings and many, many last minute runs to the hospital to offer a word of comfort to that loved one on their deathbed, countless hours of learning various aspects of my craft and calling at conferences, conventions, seminars, prayer meetings, many nights and days or corporate prayer for myself and others as a called and equipped minister, and then someone comes along who thinks they are all of the above automatically just because they won a vote in a church business meeting.


You’re kidding me, right?

You understand that being a minister is just like being a doctor in that sense, right? You don’t just get voted in as a “board member” and suddenly now, you know more and feel more qualified to make ministry decisions?

If you haven’t walked the walk, then stop talking.

Men and women voted you in, and that’s all you got for me? Where is the official license from your state that says you are a licensed minister?

Please here me – I don’t think you need a license of course. But in this one sense – Jesus was licensed. In his day, to be a Rabbi, was the similar worldly confirmation that this person has endured the necessary preparations to have this worldly affirmation. But here is what is more important – God prepares the minister that God stands behind. As Moses, He draws them in their youth, he prepares them through the experience of ministry in a variety of situations. They prepare their minds by years of study. They prepare their souls and spirits through years of prayer life and devotional life.

The minister is a professional in that sense – just as the doctor or brain surgeon. Being voted into a church board does not, cannot bypass this preparation, this calling, this BACKING BY THE HEAVENLY FATHER.

That’s my profession, bro! I am a professional minister, Sir! I would never question your profession without a measure of similar training and experience and basic skill set, Ma’am!

You think a vote bypasses these same realities?

Oh my oh my. Dear Jesus! Come Lord Jesus Now!

If you feel God is calling you to be a minister – or the actual word here is OVERSEER, then you need to go through the same educational, vocational, spiritual training and preparation. I don’t care who voted you in, or what reputation you have or how much money you have or how educated you are YOU DON’T HAVE A CLUE – yet!

I say yet. I am a coach, remember?

I love to help players become great! If you are the real deal – wow I am the first to congratulate you!

If you are a minister – then come to the local minister get together if you are one of us. We love one another and we get one another.

Oh, you would rather not? Oh, you have too many business issues that are pressing?

Hmm. This is not business, friend. This is the KINGDOM OF GOD as it is best expressed in the local church.

If you don’t fit with other ministers, that might tell you something. The LAST THING THIS DEAL IS ABOUT IS YOU!!!! This is about a group of people seeking to outserve one another. Do you seek to serve and be LESS THAN those you lead? if not, you’re no leader in Christ’s Kingdom. You take the high place now, well I guess you will be serving coffee eternally.

But if I am in the presence of someone who claims to be a church overseer, and they look at me and think they have more knowledge, experience, “divine right” just because they wear suits and a tie to work and they beat two other guys in the annual church vote?¬†Gag me. Such arrogance.

Pharisees unite! Get humble, or get out.

That’s a word to someone tonight. Seriously, do not be THAT GUY or THAT LADY.

So I say this – serve where you are called, humbly. Seek no honor for yourself. Do not ever use position, titles or authority for your own pleasure. There is eternal punishment for that. Don’t play church. For heaven’s sake. I’m trying to get a patent on a church board game from Milton Bradley – simply called “Church” Play THAT! Don’t use the eternal souls of men and women for your temporary arrogant dreams. I’m sorry. This is strong. Wow. What is my problem. That was much stronger than I intended.

I’m tired of hearing about stories of board members absolutely standing opposed and hardened against the minister.

It’s this simple – if you are an overseer, you are one of us. You are just like me! Wonderful, let’s hang and have a blast.

If not, you are a deacon. Now a deacon is no small calling. And lets drop all the nonsense with titles really, because the first martyr was Stephen the deacon. And I am sure I will be washing his feet for a long time in heaven!

It’s not about power, and taking control man’s way. That must be broken in the man, women that God uses. The preparation for that is perhaps twice as long as the educational preparation, and far more important.

If you are feeling called to be an Overseer (5 fold ministry gifts are people all called to this kind of LEADERSHIP OVERSIGHT – Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Pastors and Evangelists) if you are not one of these, sorry – you are not called to be an overseer.

Thats it.

Love you. Really, I really do. I say these words harshly maybe but with a desire to motivate you if you really want to be an overseer – then follow Jesus today – it is Jesus who leads and calls and equips his overseers. I have never done anything but joyfully help coach God’s overseers for the past few decades. And that’s all I will continue to do.

God willing.

I have much more to share but – it will have to be a new post as I am getting way too long here already!

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God bless you hugely this week,