Yep, that’s me! Mr. perfect! Ha – not at all. If you know me, you know… KNOW that I am not perfect. However, sometimes people accuse me of being a perfectionist. I find there is a slight difference between doing an excellent job and being a perfectionist. I’m truly just trying to do an excellent […]

Paterno and Penn State

Well unless you have your head buried in the college football sand (which, if so, you are not alone. We college football fans are an unusual species) you are well aware of the horrible circumstances befalling the Penn State football program, as well as the entire university establishment and allumni. And you surely have heard […]

Timing is Everything

Comic genius Steve Martin explains the secret to comedy is “all about the… Time-t…ti-ming…. Timing! I think success is very similar. I have tried to push through some projects and ideas only to hit a brick wall, resulting in complete failure, or frustration. But then there are other projects that seem to have a path […]


It never ceases to amaze me – the unexpected interruptions in life. They come from anywhere and everywhere. Unexpected trouble can blow up like a thunderhead and totally overwhelm us. I dont know about you, but my first thought is to panic. Thankfully, more and more, my second thought is to trust God no matter […]

Now That’s Joy

James said to “count it all joy.” I get that. But it is easier said than done. I don’t know how it is for you, but for me, I find it much easier to rejoice in large disappointments rather than small annoyances. My car has already had one transmission fail this summer. As of last […]

Dependence Day

Happy July 4th! Temperatures are soaring into the high nineties and low one-hundreds, so be careful out there today. A friend went into a Target store looking for his favorite bbq sauce only to find the entire line of sauce was swiped clean! Oh well, there’s always ketchup. We Americans call this special day “Independence […]


As you may know, Taylor Swift sings a catchy little tune called “Mean”, and I must confess, I like that song. The thing is, all of us can relate to it. I would dare say all of us have been treated poorly by a group of “meanies” and on the flip side, I fear many […]